(1) Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines The website I choose is the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention website, it is a credible source since it is provided to citizens from the governm

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Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

The website I choose is the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention website, it is a credible source since it is provided to citizens from the government. The article provides the most accurate and resourceful information regarding the latest news on safe and effective covid research, vaccines and preventions.  Along with possible side affects you may experience due to the body’s response mechanism and its ongoing research on covid. Providing data that reports an effective amount of time it that for ones to build immunity against the various strains of covid. It also provides a resourceful link where one can access a vaccine through text or by calling if need be.


Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines (cdc.gov) (Links to an external site.)

Lessons from the team care playbook: Recommendations for COVID-19 vaccination dissemination and uptake.

The Article discussed vaccine distribution strategies and the challenges the government and health officials faced in order to reach specific communities. Along with the difficulty of society adopting the vaccine. Also, the contributing factors of Teams and its representation with increasing vaccine uptake. Ensuring that vaccines are made accessible to communities of color and oppressed groups. As well as what it means to be a front-line worker and steps to take in order to make the process easier.

The article brings forth a different point of view in my opinion focusing on improving team building skills in an event that a pandemic would occur again. By tracking a vast amount of individuals on one application. Encouraging team building skills, networking with providers and their focus on vaccine adoption and placement. Alongside clinical studies by health providers to carry out vaccine trails and have the acceptance of a new vaccine in a difficult time adopted by society. Since this was the first pandemic our generation has been exposed to I believe the article was as informative as it could have been and provided resourceful prevention methods and strategies already being used.


The information I chose about COVID-19 is from the CDC.  Although the CDC has been under scrutiny for some questionable information, I still believe that it is a credible source.  COVID-19 is a new virus to the human race and to scientists around the world which allows for some uncertain information to be released.  Scientists with the CDC have tirelessly studied and tested COVID-19 and the mechanics behind it to know what the public should expect and how to cope with it.

According to our “Evaluating Internet Sources” lecture, .gov domains are federal government sites that are authentically credible.  Since the CDC is under a .gov domain, it’s ruled as a very strong and credible source of public information that communities and citizens can use for reference.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html (Links to an external site.)

Peer-Reviewed Source

I found an article about the COVID-19 vaccine.  This article touches on the effects of the vaccine as well as the development.  From financing the vaccine to administering it to certain groups in the public, it also explains potential side effects and the distribution of the vaccine.

My view is that I feel that articles like this one are too soon and therefore current most accurate information can be a hit or miss because things change every day.  I feel that it is too soon to conduct any type of research and set it in stone for future research or reference, however, it does lay down a baseline as to where we are going with vaccine distribution and financing and it does create new paths and directions as to where it could potentially lead researchers and scientist too.  Stating that this type of research is ongoing, will give the researcher a clue to continue seeking alternative more current resources.



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