1)Joel Best argues that in colonial times people often relied on priests as experts and thus looked

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1)Joel Best argues that in colonial times people often relied on priests as experts and thus looked at problems in religious or moral terms while in modern society we often look to ____________ as experts and think about problems in ____________ terms.Select one:a. professors; academicb. politicians; politicalc. doctors; medicald. the media; sensationalized2)Which of the following is an example of medicalization?Select one:a. Doctors receiving higher pay than priestsb. Redefining drug use as a psychological issue rather than a moral onec. Arguing that cancer is caused by cigarettes rather than radiationd. Doctors developing political connections3)Experts are among the most influential claimsmakers because theySelect one:a. have political connections that help them get their claims outb. are thought to have special knowledge that qualifies them to interpret problemsc. are favored by the media due to their ability to present claims in an interesting wayd. know how to organize social movements effectively4)The U.S. government defining alcohol and drug addiction as illnesses and requiring some insurance companies to cover treatment is an example ofSelect one:a. a professional ex (e.g., ex-addict, ex-prisoner, ex-abuser)b. master framec. institutionalization of ownershipd. biomedicalization5)Researchers interested in the biomedicalization of social problems focus on theSelect one:a. large number of human problems caused by infectious disease.b. training of doctors as claimsmakers.c. negative impact of medicalization on people’s ability to solve social problems.d. ways troubling conditions are described as having biological roots.6)Scientific progress is notoriouslySelect one:a. controversialb. slowc. newsworthyd. medicalized7)Research questions and answers are typically the most clear-cut inSelect one:a. physical sciencesb. biological sciencesc. social sciencesd. health sciences8)Joel Best argues that audience’s willingness to grant authority to scientists depends especially onSelect one:a. how relevant they believe the scientists’ expertise is.b. the amount of treatment scientists and their claims receive in the media.c. the official credentials of the scientists.d. whether the scientists work in the physical or social sciences.9)The term sociological imagination refers to the emphasis sociologists place onSelect one:a. the way culture and social structure shape human experienceb. the social construction of realityc. the need for order in societyd. struggles between groups and individuals for power and authority10) Lack of understanding about how risks are assessed and calculated often leads toSelect one:a. excessive focus on issues whose risks have been assessed.b. public confusion about what is actually risky.c. a lack of focus on risky activities that have not been studied.d. all of the above.


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