2 assignments ( 1 page each, conflict management)

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ASSIGNMENT 1- Thomas Killman Conflict Management Style Analysis ( 1 page)

Here is the link for the Bonus Assignment on my OneDrive:


After taking the Thomas Killman Conflict Management Style assessment, viewing the YouTube video, and reading about conflict management styles, respond to the questions in the bonus assignment.

  • On page one you will see the grid for Conflct Management Styles grid as described by RCKommSA (2013).
  • Respond to the questions in the assignment. Provide specific examples and include cites and references from ALL your reading materials.

Assignment 2, Forum Discussion- ( 1 page )

View the YouTube video: How to Manage Team Conflict.

Briefly describe a team conflict you observed or were involved in that had negative results. Based on the steps Witt (2013) described in the video, how could have the team leader better managed conflict?

Be specific, use examples, and explain your responses to ALL steps. Include a summary of the video (not a list) in your response as well as cites and references.


Witt, J. (2013). How to manage team conflict. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/PHJ8eybXJdw


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