2 HISTORY Finals

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1,,Goal – To write a narrative, short story, autobiography of how the fear of nuclear war impacted you as a U. S. citizen in the 1950’s.

Performance – Tell your story! You are charged with writing a narrative essay that details how your life in the 1950’s was affected by the fear of nuclear war and how fall out shelters, religion, government programs, and space exploration were all a contribution to the nuclear anxiety in your personal life.


Goal –As we have learned in Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation, the World War II generation is one to be admired and appreciated. Their sacrifices and efforts contributed greatly to our American freedoms and values we know of today. Through this project, you will, like Tom Brokaw, pay tribute to the Greatest Generation through interviewing a member of the World War II generation and writing a feature article about him or her.

Product or Performance

Through this project, you will seek out a local member of the World War II generation, contact him or her, write 20 open-ended interview questions, conduct and interview, and write a feature story on this person.

Standards and Criteria for Success

Your final project must include:

1. Evidence that you have contacted a legitimate member of the World War II generation (Possible sources for contacting such a person: your local library, historical societies, teachers, librarians, principals, local veteran’s organizations such as the VFW or American Legion, churches/religious organizations, family, and/or friends).

2. 20 typed open-ended interview questions with your interviewee’s answers.

3. A photograph of your interviewee with a photo caption.

4. A well-written feature article that follows all guidelines on the attached rubric. For more information about feature articles, click here.


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