2 pages element on fiction essay.

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this would be the same thing as the other one, just sign in. ill be checking study pool 3x per day just in case you need anything. I attached the instructions but you can always sees them on the portal.

Write a 2 full -page elements of fiction essay on THE THINGS THEY CARRIED BY TOM O’BRYEN.



Prompt: Did you adhere to the specific weekly assignment prompt and answer the prompt fully? (30 points)

Length: Did you meet the page length requirement (12 point font and 1 inch margins) and fully analyze the material? (20 points)

Evidence: Did you use three direct quotes from our readings from the week to inform your responses? This means THREE SEPARATE DIRECT QUOTES from our readings (30 points)

Clarity: Did you proofread your work and make sure there are no grammar, spelling or APA style errors? (20 points)

Total: 100 points


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