2 Parts assignment – Part 2/2 Putting Together Change Mgmt.

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5–7 slides (+ title and reference slides); Speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide

Key Assignment

Part 2:

Leroy has greatly enjoyed collaborating with you on the
presentation. He reviewed the first part of the presentation and decided
some additional material would help the VP of HR understand the change
process you are proposing. In the second part, he would like you to
develop some potential interventions or solutions to Red Carpet’s
challenges. He also wants to know how to implement the interventions
considering Red Carpet structure and culture so that the change plan can
be more concrete. In the end, Red Carpet with need some means to
evaluate the success of the interventions to make sure that they were
effective. So, including this information will also be important to the
VP of HR. Red Carpet is seeking long-term success with this change, so
Leroy would like you to include a forward-thinking statement regarding
the future of Red Carpet after the change. In no time, you and Leroy
will be riding the elevator to the 27th floor with a beautiful view of
Philadelphia and he is confident that your collaborative effort will be
well received.

Review the Red Carpet scenario for this course, revise Part 1 of the
Key Assignment based on your instructor’s feedback, and add an
additional 5-7 slides to the presentation that addresses the following:

  • What interventions would you recommend to address the challenges at Red Carpet?
  • How will you implement the interventions in the organization?
  • How will you evaluate the success of the change process at Red Carpet?
  • What would you recommend Red Carpet do next after the change process is completed?

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