3 page paper – Mastery

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someone who is successful in your desired area of Mastery, and write an in -depth
research paper that correlates his or her journey to the course textbook

this week’s project you will research and outline the following:

the path of someone in your area of Mastery.

key learnings about their Mastery journey from your research into the

“Keys to Mastery” steps of the creative task, the creative mind and the

breakthrough (Mastery,p.175–201).

a reflection on which of the “Emotional Pitfalls” (p. 202–204) your Master may


upon which of the nine people profiled in the “Strategies for the Creative Active
Phase” (p. 205- 246) your Master’s journey is most closely related to.

APA formatting is required for this
research paper. Use at least four research resources

(with at least two of the sources
sourced through the Full Sail University library research

databases such as EBSCOhost and
LexisNexis Academic)

•Complete a research paper that is 3-5
pages maximum, not including cover page and reference page.

•Assignment should be free of
grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

•Cite all research sources in text
and on reference page.





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