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3 pages double space APA format

Imagine you have just embezzled $60 M from your employer. Assume the money

is in a safe place.

Answer the following:

1. How did do it? (Indicate missing internal controls.)

2. Would you disappear or fake your own death? Tell me how.

3. Where have you put the money so that it is safe? (Look at best countries to

launder money.)

4. How were you able to amass so much money? (Be specific about whether

it is obtained by a fast or slow method, the period of planning required, and

how you will budget it over your lifetime.)

5. Where will you disappear to or go to fake your own death? If you choose

to fake your death, where will you go afterwards? (Be specific. Name the

country, why you chose it, and how you will handle any authorities or

questions.) [Look at the list of countries that do not recognize extradition.]

6. Who would be the most likely to discover the secrets of your fraud? (Look

at those listed in the ACFE Fraud report)


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