4 astronomy questions no specific word count so long as the topic is covered.

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Imagine that an observation is being made of an expected occultation of a distant star by a planet. Before the time
when the star is expected to be temporarily blocked by the planet, the star’s light dims and then brightens again twice
before disappearing behind the planet. After the star reappears on the other side of the planet, the same dimming and
brightening occurs again. Explain what can be inferred from this and why. Also, describe an instance of a similar
occurrence that you learned about in class.
What do we see when we see aurora from Earth? What is happening and why?
Question We observe a distant object in space and see that the spectral lines for hydrogen in the object’s light appear at a
shorter wavelength than normal. What does this tell us about the object and why? What is this effect called? Give as
much detail in your own words as you can
Question What two observations did Galileo make that supported a heliocentric model? Explain in your own words why they did
not fit a strictly geocentric model.


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