400-500 words- summary&Critical response to a scholarly artical( Lovecraft’s work ( due in 24 hours)

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already have done this assignment but i had poor score. so please pay attention to my instructor feedback

This assignment calls on you to summarize and critically respond to a scholarly piece of literary criticism–a scholarly article provided to you by your instructor.(Lovecraft’s work)

Academic scholarship, which is written to a specialized scholarly audience, is often difficult for the novice to navigate, and we will be spending a significant amount of time in class developing reading strategies for this kind of scholarly writing. This assignment will call on you to use and demonstrate those strategies, which will serve as a strong foundation as you begin the research project.

Like the Summary and Analysis of a Literary Text, this essay will be approximately one page or 350-500 words, and it will be comprised of two paragraphs–summary and critical response.

Paragraph 1; Summary

In summary writing, you demonstrate your understanding and interpretation of a text. The rhetorical purpose of a summary is to explain a text to an audience who may not be familiar with the text. For this assignment, imagine your audience is comprised of other English 210 students who are familiar with the literary concepts we have discussed in class but who have not read this specific article. To achieve this overarching purpose, your summary will need to make the following moves:

  • Identify the article by author and title
  • Briefly explain necessary contextual information (e.g. where and when the piece was published).
  • Identify the author’s main argument (aka thesis).
  • Explain the author’s minor claims (supporting claims).
  • Explain how the author supports their argument (what kinds of evidence and analysis)

Paragraph 2: Critical Response

In the second paragraph of this essay, your goal will be to engage with the author’s argument about the literary text and offer your own argument in response that is supported with further evidence. Your goals are as follows:

  • Respond to the author’s argument by making your own an argument that confirms, critiques, extends, and/or complicates the author’s argument.
  • Support your argument by providing further evidence from the primary text in question.
  • Contribute to the “conversation” by adding your observations and analysis in support of your argument.

i will provide the Lovecraft’s work on the file that you need to read.


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