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The first essay I would need done by this Thursday. The essays should be approximately 500 words with appropriate sources cited in APA style.

#1. Compare and contrast the economic effects of regulations and deregulation on surface and air transportation.

Note: The objective is to compare and contrast. You must think about several points in this question.

1. What are the economic effects of regulations/deregulations on surface transportation?
2. What are the economics effects of regulations/deregulations on air transportation?
3. How do these effects compare?
4. How do these effects differ?

#2. Assess the direct and indirect costs as well as the advantages and disadvantages of airline deregulation.

Note: In order to answer this you should research and find a direct cost impact on the industry or people who lives deregulation touched. Then, find an indirect cost impact on the industry or people. A cost can be dollars. A cost can be lives saved. A cost can be jobs created. A cost can be jobs lost. The point is to find a fact or data over time.

#3. Define congestion in today’s urban settings (such as Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, New York, etc.) and propose possible changes to that urban setting’s public infrastructure; describe how you would measure such changes to that congestion to prove your change was successful.

Note: Dissect the question. The question is composed of two sentence phrases. The first part asks you to define congestion. This definition has to be one that fits an urban setting. So, you will have to also define what an urban setting is in this context. Think carefully and spend time thinking about how many transportation modes there are in an urban area. Do not forget how time plays a factor in both definitions.

Second, is to define what is a public infrastructure, as compared to a private one? Is there such? Is there a public and a private infrastructure?

Third, list at least one measurement that can be used to show the impact of such changes. So, what would you tell your boss or the Mayor that you were going to measure to prove your proposed suggestion will or may work?

Fourth, all the above also revolves around your solution. What is your solution? What is the problem that this solution will provide?

Think critically. Take time. Address each part of the question

#4. Compare and contrast how the different cargo carrying capacity innovations and related transportation security policies have impacted the U.S. trucking and rail service industry from December 1980 until December 2011.

Note: Compare means list factors such as how much one mode can be described in what it can carry, the distance moved, and many other similar factors.

Two, contrast means to demonstrate with numbers or facts how that list of factors from one mode is better, or different, than the other mode under certain circumstances and geography.

Three, discuss any kind of technology that affects one or both modes of carriers.

Four, your answer covers all trucking and rail across the U.S., border to border. So, be creative, but include facts from referenced sources.

#5. Compare and contrast the factors of an internal and external analysis (environmental scan) in evaluating and assessing an unsuccessful logistic strategic plan. In the analysis, provide an example of a particular problem, situation, or incident that justifies and supports your evaluation.

Note: First, define the key terms or concepts in the essay. That is, define internal factors. Define external factors. Define what a strategic plan is as compared to a tactical or operational plan.

Second, find a problem where this makes sense. Use one from research or from your experience. Whatever works best for you to tell the story of an unsuccessful plan.

Third, do not forget supporting facts, statistics, dates, etc. that support the discussion.

Fourth, do not forget to include citations and a reference list.


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