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Consequential, Nonconsequential, and Virtue Theory

In this week’s Discussion, you will explore the major
groups of ethical theories we call consequentialist (teleological),
nonconsequentialist (deontological), and virtue theories. There are multiple
theories in each category that you will be able to address in this week’s
Discussion. These theories will serve as the foundation for all future
Discussions and Assignments for the course. Having an opportunity to discuss
these with your instructor and peers will help you understand how to use them
to address ethical issues and questions.

To what extent do you believe that members of your
family or your friends use consequential, nonconsequential, and virtue theory?
Pick one example from each approach and describe how these approaches work or
don’t work for them. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of your three chosen

1 Response:

My cousin is an extreme consequentialist and a
utilitarian. She does not like making any type of decision without first waying
out the consequences and how they are going to effect everyone involved
 She recently had to opportunity to move to a different job that paid $2
more than her current job, offered an awesome 401k, and gave monthly bonuses,
with a guaranteed 40 hour work week. Her current job, while it is a good job,
has been refusing to give her her raise and giving her mandatory weekends with
less than a 24 hour notice, even making her cancel family plans. She called a
family meeting and asked everyone’s opinion on what she should do. The votes
were mixed but she decided not to take the job because it would put more stress
on the sitter, and she would see her husband less on the weekends, and her kids
wanted her to be able to come to sports events. While her decision was the
right one in my opinion, I never heard her once talk about what she wanted to
do. She seemed to base her decision on everyone else’s needs.

On the complete flip side, her husband is a nonconsequentialist. He does what
he wants when he wants and does not concern himself with who suffers for it.
 This has led to a lot of trouble for him and his family. He is a very
egocentric person and that does not work well for anyone close to him. 


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