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  • Write a 500 word paper entitled, “Audience Members for Dummies.” You will address a reader who has presumably never been to the theatre before.
  • Your “manual” should address Western theatre conventions (which refers to the NORMS of theatre in our society today) including: 1)what the audience can expect to see (the space itself, stage, production, etc) 2)how they are expected to (and not to) behave, and 3) the importance of their role in the theatre community (include also how an audience member might feel, or what they might do after seeing a performance).
  • Feel free to get creative including pictures, video, links, etc in your assignment.
  • You may include information from the text, must-see links, and outside research. Please use proper citations (MLA format) for any direct quotes from published materials.
  • You will be graded according to the DSC writing rubric, which you can find under the “rubrics” link on the class homepage
  • Here is a link to an example of the types of “For Dummies” book I am referring to.


BE SURE YOUR PAPER IS WELL-ORGANIZED!!! If you are using headings, please make them BOLD and Underlined for each section.

If you are writing a more traditional essay, be sure to have a preview sentence in your introduction highlighting the three main topics you will be covering in the essay (what to expect, how to behave, how you might feel after…). Also use interesting transitions from paragraph to paragraph and sum up and re-state what you discussed in your paper in the conclusion.


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