6-2 Short Story Discussion: “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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I need a 3 paragraph post written over the folowing topic:

To participate in this topic, first read “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald (pp. 62–81 of 100 Years of The Best American Short Stories). Take notes as you read, paying particular attention to dialogue.

In your textbook reading this week, Dufresne states that “The true text is the subtext” (231). How does F. Scott Fitzgerald use dialogue to reveal subtext and infer/reveal a deeper theme in “Babylon Revisited”? Pull specific lines of dialogue that exemplifies this subtext. What is being revealed to the reader “under the surface”?

Then, provide specific examples of how you have used dialogue in your drafts (or how you plan to use dialogue in your revised draft). Explain how the dialogue reveals subtext in your story. If it does not, offer ways in which the dialogue could be rewritten so that subtext is effectively being used.

Please be sure to cite sections of the story to support the narrative voice and point of view. Cite all sources in MLA and address the rubric for other questions regarding this assisgnment.

Note: I will provide access to the story once the someone has been selected and have attached a copy of my rough draft so that you may provide examples.

Then you will need to make personalized replies to my peers. I have attached a copy of two posts from my classmates and each should be at least a paragraph long.

Finally, respond to at least two of your peers and engage them in conversation about their selections from “Babylon Revisited” as well as their own personal drafts.


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