6 hours without your phone

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Can you spend six consecutive hours WITHOUT texting, talking on your cell phone, surfing online in your computer or telephone checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, etc. Can you survive WITHOUT your IPod for six consecutive hours? How is life without social media and a cellular phone or a computer? For this assignment you will be spend SIX CONSECUTIVE hours without them, and then you will write a detailed 400 word report critically describing your experience. Not only explain what you did during that time period to replace social media and music, but also analyze what you felt during the experience, and how it affected OR did not affect you and your relationships with other people. What is your conclusion? It is better to do this assignment during the weekend. Please be accurate and honest. Fabrications and half truths won’t help you to understand your media use; besides, I can easily identify them. 🙂


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