6th discussion

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250-300 words

In this forum, we will take some time to examine a profile written by Sundell (2014). Our discussion will serve as the starting point for our focus on profile writing, and it will focus on Sundell’s profile.

However, the Profile Essay that you write will differ in terms of organization. It will resemble a standard essay in terms of having an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.Carefully review the Profile Essay Example in this week’s assigned readings, as it should serve as a model for your own essay (format, use of details, use of dialogue, and strong dominant impression).

First, read Heather Sundell’s (2014) profile titled “Want to Become a Writer? Become a Nurse.”

In your initial post, answer the following questions:

  1. Before readers are introduced to Vicki Forman, they are presented with a picture of her in a simple pair of red scrubs. Leave aside the information you have gathered from the profile. With only Forman’s picture and no other information, what conclusions do you make about her? Now, with the information that you have gained from the profile, how have those conclusions changed? How has the profile helped you to see Forman in a different light? What is the dominant impression that Sundell creates?
  2. In her profile of Forman, what do you feel that Sundell (2014) has done well and why? Are there areas that could be improved? If so, how and why?
  3. Name one technique that Sundell (2014) uses in her profile that you could use in your own profile. Where in your paper (Profile Essay) would you use it? What do you think the effect would be?

In your responses, identify where you have common ground (agreement) with your group members, and where your opinions differ. Further the discussion by asking questions and applying proposed solutions to real-life scenarios, such as a staffing shortage at your work.


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