a psychology topic of interest to you that relates to this course, Psychology Essay Help

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Psychology Final Review

Write a research-based essay on a psychology topic of interest to you that relates to this course.  This essay must be a minimum length of 600-700 words (approximately 3-4 pages) and contain the resources you used in your research. You must provide at least three cited resources. You may, of course, provide your opinion on your topic but your statements must be supported by research.  Your essay must be written in proper standard English. Avoid all types of ‘text messaging’ writing style.

If your essay does not relate to the subject of psychology, it will be returned to you.  If your essay is returned, you will then have only one opportunity to rewrite and resubmit the essay. 

Here are some topics that might spark your interest. You do not have to choose a topic from this list – you may choose a topic of your choice as long as it relates to the subject of psychology. 

Psychology: Historical Foundations and Modern Perspectives

States of Consciousness (an example is Sleep and Sleep Disorders)

Developmental Processes: Cognitive and Physical Changes over Time

Sensation and Perception

Learning:  Associative, Operant, Insight and Observational

Memory:  Tasks/Stages/Kinds 

Cognition and Intelligence

Emotion and Motivation

Health and Stress: Intervention and Prevention

Personality:  The Essence of our Nature

Psychological Disorders and Therapies

Social Influence: The Power of Social Persuasion 


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