A Revolutionary Way of Seeing

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Like last week, this week’s reading discusses major shifts in the way people both created and viewed art. In your second Discussion Forum, you will once again choose an artist from the reading to discuss and very briefly present a work of art by that artist as an example of their contribution to the history of art. You may choose a work of art discussed in the textbook but please make additional observations if you do.

In your two paragraph response (250 to 300 words), you will discuss the reason why this artist is important, and how they helped advance the evolution of art in the late 19th century.

  • Briefly identify the artist and the movement with which they are associated.
  • What influenced this artist? (For example, other artists, scientific advances, photography, Parisian culture, literature, nature, etc.)
  • Was their work controversial? If so, why?
  • Briefly identify the work of art and provide a few pertinent details about the piece.
  • Describe the style or technique of the piece as well as you can. Was it revolutionary in some way? Does it effect the meaning of the work?

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