A Sex Offender and Advocacy Sex offenders are generally stigmatized and frequently excluded from different programs in prison.Should advocacy strategies be used for sex offenders?If yes, what advocacy

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A Sex Offender and Advocacy

  • Sex offenders are generally stigmatized and frequently excluded from different programs in prison.
  • Should advocacy strategies be used for sex offenders?
  • If yes, what advocacy strategies could be used to support sex offenders’ access to programs?

Human services practitioners strive to improve the lives of thousands of individuals every day. The support can be in the creation of programs, improving access to programs, and advocating for changes or support for an individual or groups of individuals.

In this assignment, you serve as a human services practitioner at a community reentry center. You will write an advocacy letter to request a change in a program in your state in an effort to improve the diversity and equity of your state’s programs and services. You are writing the letter to a congressperson in your state.

B Specifically, you should do the following in your 700- to 1,050-word writings:

  • Describe 2 to 3 advocacy strategies that they will apply in your letter.
  • Justify your selection of advocacy strategies.
  • Create an advocacy letter that supports changing some aspect of a program in your state to make it more diverse or equitable.
  • Explain the current concern or issue related to diversity or equity of the program (for example, assess if there were exclusions from programs in the past).
  • Discuss and justify the change you would like to see.
  • Apply the identified 2 to 3 advocacy strategies.

Cite at least 2 resources using APA format.

The most valuable support is frequently a client’s family.

Criminal justice staff need to be very familiar with organizations and agencies that will support clients after release.

It’s very unlikely that a single agency will have the resources to fully address all the needs of a client after release.

A continuum of care with multiple agencies is frequently the best approach.

There are organizations that provide mentoring programs for clients after they are released from prison.

These organizations support clients with appointments and making referrals to other community resources.

Even with these organizations, for most clients, their family will represent the most valuable resource in the community.

Staff will need to do an assessment regarding the client’s family and the support the family may be able to provide after release.

During this process, criminal justice staff will need to listen without judgment.

Staff should have a non-reactive stance and be able to observe and evaluate while making accurate assessments and developing a connection with the client.

Better communication leads to a more productive process, which in turn increases the opportunity that the client will be successful in the community.

As you dive deeper into support services in week five, think about how you can listen without judgment and better meet the needs of your clients.

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