Alice and Wonderland appropriate for children?

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We have seen a presentation of violence and action more contemporary in this module when compared with works from the previous module. In fact, characters in fables and myths often represent ideas rather than real characters. For instance, many of the characters in Alice in Wonderland don’t feel “real” in the sense that they do not inhabit a world that functions or feels like ours.

Submit an argumentative paper of 500 to 600 words examining whether or not Alice in Wonderland is “appropriate” for elementary school children. Keep in mind that you will not be writing based on opinion. You will collect and evaluate evidence, using at least two academic outside sources to establish and substantiate a clear position. To specifically support your claims, these sources must discuss children’s literature and the censorship of Alice in Wonderland. [CO3]

Note: While this is an argumentative paper, be careful not to be too informal or inflammatory; be measured, even, and concise in your discussion.

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