AMU Book Discussion

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1.  What are some of the challenges to creating a strong corporate culture? Select an example (preferably one that you may have provided earlier), and describe a minimum of two issues and who you would resolve both.

1.  What is the value of having ethics review committees such as an institutional ethics committee (IEC), internal review board (IRB), or an infant care review committee (IREC)?

2.  From Chapter 7, whistle-blowing is discussed.  Define the term whistle-blowing.  Identify positive and negative outcomes of whistle-blowing for the party who exposed the issue(s).

1.  From Chapter 9, Darr (2011, p. 216) writes, “consent must be voluntary, competent, and informed”.  Explain each and why is it important.

From Chapter 11,  Please answer the following two questions for part 1.  

1A. Define the following terms:


-Active vs. passive euthanasia
-Voluntary vs. involuntary euthanasia

1.  From Chapters 12 and 13, Paul Ramsey and James Childress are two bioethicists who have differing views on how medical services/ treatment should be microallocated. Briefly define the term microallocation. Describe the two approaches. Which you think one approach is more favorable (or just) than the other? Why?

2. What are social responsibilities of hospitals of health service organizations?  Explain how each are addressed.

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