An exercise about leadership due day is tomorrow.

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  • Experiential
    Leadership Exercise #13

    Overview and

    Leadership+in+Organizations+(8th+Edition)+-+Yukl,+Gary+A_.pdf  please fully answer the
    following integrating questions:

    1.  How does leadership differ from management?
    2. Is the discipline of leadership an art or a science?
    3. Is everyone cut out to be a leader?  Please carefully explain your answer.
    4. If you were asked to identify the 10 most essential functions of leadership,
      what would be on your list (which may differ from the list suggested by your
      author Dr. Gary Yukl)?
    5. What specific improvements could be made in the way leadership is studied? 
      Please carefully and fully explain your answer. 

Please use the E-book to answer the question!

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