Analysis Thoreau and Fischer

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Walden by Henry David Thoreau:…

There are two parts here – an NPR (National Public Radio) commentary on Fisher’s piece “Consider the Oyster” and then the piece itself :…

Consider Thoreau’s Walden and the excerpts from Fischer’s works. Use these questions to help you set up the analysis:

  1. How does each writer reveal his/her philosophy about food and eating?
  2. What are at least two significant differences you can identify? What do they reveal about common attitudes toward food and the manner in which we consume it?
  3. What assumptions or values do the two writers share? Identify at least two similarities and speculate about what larger point(s) they reveal.

As always, explain your reasoning and provide textual support to fully develop the reading.

This journal entry should be a minimum of 2 pages (4 paragraphs) and a maximum of 4 pages (8 paragraphs) double-spaced.

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