Analyze A Sports Business

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Create a Power Point presentation that analyzes a company, business, or organization in the realm of sports management. Within your presentation, you are required to provide the properly referenced, mission statement for your chosen organization. Provide an evaluation of the mission statement by describing your overall opinion. Be sure to include any modifications to the mission statement that you feel would improve the organization’s ability to meet their objectives. Next, create an Industry & Competitive Analysisusing the five-forces competitive analysis for this specific organization. Then, create a BCG Matrix that describes the relative market share. Lastly, provide a conclusive analysis of this organization that describes your current outlook and future predictions for this organization.

The Power Point presentation should be done as if you were going to actually give this presentation, meaning the slides should present an overview, or outline of what you are presenting, and the notes section should contain your actual script. The mission statement should written out on the slide exactly as the company has it, however that’s the only slide that should use full sentences on the slide. Please be sure to review the attached Power Point dos and don’ts document.

The presentation must be at least 12 slides in length, not including the title and reference slides. You must cite at least two resources outside of our documents and videos provided. Be sure to include a reference page in APA format, this should be your last slide.

Below are some example organizations that are suitable for this project. You may select an organization outside of this list with instructor approval. Simply e-mail the instructor if you have questions or are seeking approval for an organization not provided on this list.


Breaking Limits Marketing



Hendrick Motorsports

Fun Enterprises, LLC



NRG Marketing

Learfield Sports

The Marketing Arm


The Borden Agency

TNS Sports and Sponsorship

EA Sports

Sports Mark


Sports Group International

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