Analyze the argument passage below, addressing the following as appropriate: 1. Specify the issues addressed; 2. Identify premises and conclusions; 3. Classify each premise as inductive or deduc

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ACreate an Outline for the following information.

Use the required speech outline format shown below.  A blank one is provided for copying and pasting in this weeks module.

As the defense attorney in a car theft case, you need to prepare your closing argument to the jury before it begins its deliberations. After reviewing evidence from the trial, you decide to stress the following points to demonstrate the innocence of your client:

The stolen car was found abandoned three hours after the theft with the engine still warm; at the time the car was found, your client was at the airport to meet the flight of a friend who was flying into town.

Lab analysis of muddy shoe prints on the floor mat of the car indicates that the prints came from a size 13 shoe; your client wears a size 10.

Lab analysis shows the presence of cigarette smoke in the car, but your client does not smoke.

The only eyewitness to the crime, who was 50 feet from the car, said the thief “looked like” your client; yet the eyewitness admitted that at the time of the theft she was not wearing her glasses, which had been prescribed for improving distance vision.

The car was stolen at about 1 p.m.; your client testified that he was in a small town 250 miles away at 11 a.m.

In a statement to police, the eyewitness described the thief as blond; your client has red hair.

As you work on the outline of your speech, you see that these points can be organized into three main points, each with two supporting points. Compose an outline that organizes the points in this manner.

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(Review the chapter on outline.  Keep in mind and make sure you label the sentences and the body of the outline as indicated below.  If there is a sub point A there must be a sub point B.  You can have as many sub points after that as you need, but there must be a minimum of two or none.   Your main points and sub points should be as few words as possible.)

Speech Outline

Please submit all outlines in the following format. It is helpful if you copy and paste this outline in a word document and use it to complete your speech outline.

Speech Title:

Specific Purpose sentence –

Introduction: Has a minimum of four sentences.  They are: (use the actual full sentences of your introduction)

Attention getting sentence(s) –

Central Idea sentence –

Preview of topics sentence–

Transition sentence –

Body of speech:  (Do not use full sentences here, just bullet point)

I.  (this is a main point)

A.  (this is a sub point)





Conclusion:   Has a minimum of four sentences.  They are:  (use the actual full sentences of your conclusion)

Summarize the entire speech –

Connect back to the introduction –

Motivate a response from audience –

Provide closure (wrap it up) –

References in APA format

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