Analyzing Research 4 of 7

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Examine this passage from a qualitative study:

Our involvement in this study was serendipitous, for one of us had been employed by the correctional facility and therefore had direct experience with gunmen such as the individual in our case; the other was a University of Iowa graduate and thus familiar with the setting and circumstances surrounding another violent incident there in 1992.” (Asmussen & Creswell, 1995)

  1. What one of the following points of view is represented in this passage?
  • An impersonal point of view
  • A dramatic point of view
  • A personal point of view
  • A direct experience point of view
  1. What evidence from the passage are you basing your decision on? Be specific.

Examine the Self-Brown and Mathews (2003) sample experimental study found at the end of Chapter 10, and answer these questions:

  1. In experimental research, groups on some independent variable are compared in terms of outcomes on a dependent variable. Identify the independent variable and the groups in this experimental study.
  2. The researchers in this study used a between-group design. Explain why.
  3. In this experiment, did the experimental treatment groups (token-economy structure and the contingency-contract structure) outperform the control group in terms of the outcome? Justify your response.
  4. How did the researchers assign the classes to the various structures under study?

APA Reference for Self-Brown is as follows:

Self-Brown, S. &
Matthews, S. (2003). Effects of classroom structure of student achievement goal
orientation. In J. W. Creswell, Educational Research: Planning, conducting, and
evaluating quantitative and qualitative research (5th ed.) (pp. 331-337). Boston,
MA: Pearson. (Reprinted from Journal of Educational Research, 97(2), pp. 106-111)

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