Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Prompt: The goals of this assignment are fairly simple. First, you will gain experience with the annotated bibliography genre. It’s likely that you’ll be asked to write annotated bibliographies in other classes, so it’s a good thing to get some practice now.

Second, you will reflect on the rhetoric and content of sources you discovered in your research so far. You can use these sources for your final researched proposal essay, so writing this annotated bibliography should help you to consider which sources were most useful.

Your annotated bibliography will need to include a total of seven sources. You will need a minimum of two scholarly sources (ex. articles published in academic journals, book chapters etc.) Your remaining sources can be popular, like magazines and newspaper articles. Your annotated bibliography should also include a variety of primary and secondary sources. You may include only two sources from your research proposal in your annotated bibliography.(I can send it if you need). Also here two good resources:……

Each annotation must include the following:

  1. Annotation: MLA style
  2. Summary: Provide a brief (3-5 sentences) summary of the source, covering the mainpoints of the work. Consider the following: Who is the author of this work? What ishis/her underlying claim/ point of view on the issue?
  3. Evaluation: Provide a brief (3-5 sentences) evaluation of the source, explaining how itwill be used in your final research paper. Consider the following: how did this source deepen or strengthen your understanding of the topic? What parts of it were most helpful/insightful?

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