Answer 3 Questions

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Question 1.

Based on your career lived-experiences, how do you describe an organizational culture where its leaders pride themselves on corporate entrepreneurship?

Question 2.

L = I + O + C2

Where: L = Level of Corporate Entrepreneurship

I = Innovation

O = Ownership

C = Creativity

C = Change

Based on where you work, how could you apply the formula? And, what do you predict would be quotient be for the Level of Corporate Entrepreneurship?

Question 3.

What has been at least one of your sources (i.e. where did the idea come from) for new innovative ideas to improve people, processes, efficiency, or effectiveness (beyond mere routine process improvement)?

If you are not sure, then relate your answer to that of your organization. If not sure there, consult your resources – ask your supervisor for an example.

References required for each question/ 1 page per question

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