Answer the following Marketing Questions NO PLAGIARISM

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Define Marketing?

Define what an exchange is and list the five conditions of
an exchange?

List and define the Four Marketing Management Philosophies?

What is a Marketing Plan and what is the purpose of a
marketing plan?

List and define the four elements of the marketing mix “Four

Explain what the two types of products are and provide an
example of each.

List the seven steps in the New Product Development Process.

Discuss briefly the four major stages of the Product Life

Explain what Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management are.

Discuss the Benefits of Supply Chain Management.

What are the two channel intermediaries and briefly discuss
the most prominent difference separating the two channel intermediaries.

List the three types of Channel Relationships.

List and explain what the Four Tasks of Promotion are.

Briefly discuss the two types of Advertising and their

Explain what the Role of Public Relations is.

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