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Explore the virtual reality tour of the Bronze Age site of Mycenae (which is also surveyed in the lecture). Works on computers, phones, or virtual reality headsets.…

This will be like a “scavenger hunt” of the site. Find the following items at the site. Indicate (in one sentence) where you found them, and include a screenshot of the item as proof.

1. Lion Gate (show me a close-up screen shot of the lions)

2. Grave Circle A

3. Ceiling of the tholos-style tomb “The Treasury of Atreus” (look up)

4. Painted Reconstruction of the megaron palace from the citadel

5. One of the golden death masks from Grave Circle A.

Then, write one paragraph explaining how the features of the site suggest it is the home to a “state-level society” ruled by a powerful monarch.

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