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Please answer the following questions about the same book you did the book report for me. I will use the answers to compare and contrast with my classmates’ different book report in order to write one group report.


Location of Project

Time Period of Construction, Fire

Impacts of Fire

Most important factors that led to the fire and loss of life.

2. Compare and contrast the ways in which structures failed as a result of the disasters. These disasters occur over a long period period in the 1900’s. Do you think that there is evidence from one to the next that the built environment is improving, or that people otherwise learned lessons from the earlier fires to make the built environment better support people surviving the disaster? You are encouraged to think broadly about this question, including issues such as escape routes, beyond simply the details of construction.

3. Compare and contrast the impact of other factors on the affected locations (such as bad luck, location, current events, political systems, etc. – things other than the way the places were built).

4. Compare and contrast the ways in which the built environment influenced survival in POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ways? You can work from your answers to these questions in your individual reports (be specific, and argue from evidence).

5. In what SPECIFIC ways do you think things would be different if the same disaster struck today? In other words, do you think we have learned anything?

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