Anthropology – Name that Fossil, science homework help

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Using the directions Assignment pdf to complete the Name that Fossil assignment.

You will be turning in the contents of Chart 1 – your measurements for each skull (ALL of the known types, Mystery skulls # 1 and 2, and the New skull(Do only sheet 1 on the pdf)) and your Lab Report for the two mystery skulls and one newly found skull.

You can submit the Chart 1 data in a chart, as a list of ratios by the type of hominin or some other creative presentation.

On your lab report please be sure to discuss your index ratios and what they mean in regards to cranial morphology AND identify 3 or more physical characteristics that support your numerical identification in categorizing your new or mystery skull as a particular hominid; this information is mandatory and why the face of each skull is included with the profile. I give an example for how to discuss a ratio and how to discuss a trait in the directions – the examples are highlighted in yellow.

Examples of supporting traits could include: discussion of flaring cheek bones, large molars, a sagital crest, etc. Do keep in mind that some of the skulls would be much larger than others – the skulls are NOT to scale. They have all been reproduced at about the same size for purposes of this assignment, which I know is misleading. So, if you say a specimen has “flaring zygomatic arches (cheek bones)” please be sure to say in comparison to (insert which ever type or types of human fossil you are comparing the cheek bones to. Also, please be sure to use the cranial traits (sagital crest, zygomatic arches, supraorbital torus, etc.).

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