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First, read pp. 9-34 in Analysing Architecture. Following your reading, we ask you to spend one hour (or whatever is the relevant time) observing the Second floor large Reading Room in the Library. For reasons of convenience, you should try to restrict your attention to what goes on inside the room only. You are encouraged to climb to the Third floor and observe the central space from this point of view.

Following your observation, write a three-page essay. In your paper include the following:

(1) Description of what you observed. Tell us what kind of a Place this room is. Do this in such fashion that someone reading the description that was unfamiliar with the place could feel as though he or she was there.

(2) Discussion of the environmental elements that influenced your senses. These can include, but not limited to, the spatial arrangements, textural effects, colors, lighting, acoustical qualities, and the odors in the room.

Image 565 and 564 were taken from third floor and the rest of photos were taken from second floor large reading room.

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