Art and psychoanalysis

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please write a paper deal with visual aspect of psychoanalysis. It need to include a minimum of 6 sources and the paper should be 6 pages in length.


Like “Salvador Dali, Metamorphosis of Narcissus ” The “dream architecture” is “surrealistic” neglecting the continuity in time and space, as well as spatial proportions.

Wassily Kandinsky “Zusammensetzung VIII
The growing level of consciousness and the technological revolution pressed our life into “operational schedules” at the costs of our instincts and connection with the nature. This situation created a psychological need to balance this onesidedness by going back to our roots. This is not a coincidence that modern art often uses archaic forms of expression. Surrealism abandoned the continuity in time and space creating “distorted” images. The other art movements, like cubism and dada, further destroyed form reducing it to the simplified geometrical figures and fragments of a context.

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