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These are the questions and i uploaded the article below:

1. On p. 172, Sue et al. tell us that “aversive racism is more characteristic of White liberals. . . . Aversive racists, according to . . . researchers, are strongly motivated by egalitarian values as well as antiminority feelings. Their egalitarian values operate on a conscious level, while their antiminority feelings are less conscious and generally covert.” And yet, “aversive racists are the least consciously negative” of those who are considered racists.

Why, then, did Sue and his co-authors decide to investigate this form of racism?

2.How do Sue and his co-authors define “racial microaggessions”?

3.What reasons does the senior author of the article give for his assertion that the placement of his African American friend and himself at the back of the plane was an instance of a racial microaggression?

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