ASAP Psy Fill in the blank questions

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1(  ) experience may contribute to postnatal attachment in human babies as shown by the 2(  ) experiment. Newborns indicated their preferences in this study by altering their rate of 3 (  ) to control the stimuli. Prenatal 4 (  ) experience may also contribute to postnatal attachment in infant rate. Their First 5 (  ) response is guided by cues from 6 (  ). During the first postnatal week, rate pups acquire preferences for familiar odors paired with 7(  ) stimuli. However, by the end of the second postnatal week, they show preferences for odors paired with 8 (  ) stimuli. This change may reflect maturation of the 9(  ) system which stimulates early 10 (  ) learning.

a. Suck(l)ing

b. Amniotic  fluid

c. Noradrenergic

d. hydrophone

e. Limbic

f. Auditory

g. Olfactory

h. Positive but not aversive

i. Positive and aversive

j. Smiling

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