Ashford Univ EDU695 Discussion question Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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In Week Two, you created a presentation on why linking assessments with
report cards that reflect CCSS is imperative. In this discussion, you
expand on your knowledge about CCSS and debate the idea of whether
creating high-quality assessments is necessary. Note that some educators
argue that it is not enough to just create a link between assessments
and report cards, but that assessments need to be high level and should
require students to synthesize their learning instead of only
demonstrating mastery by rote memory. Alternatively, some educators
argue that high-quality assessments cost more than lower quality
assessments (Eisner, 2001; Matthews, 2006; Pulfrey, Buch, & Butera,
2011). One possible reason for this viewpoint is that higher-level
assessments often include performance tasks and/or essays that require
teacher scoring, and thus a great deal of time is spent on evaluating
students’ work. Conversely, lower-level assessments measuring basic
knowledge through multiple-choice and true/false responses; they can be
measured using technology and take considerably less time and resources
to measure. 

First, choose a side from the two opposing viewpoints described above and discuss one of these two points: 

  1. Can the American education system afford assessments for deeper learning?
  2. Can the American education system afford not to have such high-quality assessments?

Next, discuss if it is necessary to share assessment items, rubrics and 21st-century practices with fellow colleagues.

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