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One to two paragraphs per question

1.      What reactions do you have when you hear the terms diversity or multiculturalism? What feelings do you have related to those terms? Discuss the images and meanings associated with those terms for you.

2.      Do you see any ways that working intercullturally could raise ethical issues for clinicians? If so, how? If not, why not?

3.      What are your thoughts and feelings about working with clients who are culturally different from you? Do you have any specific concerns about working with any particular group (racial/ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religion, age)?

4.      What kinds of intercultural psychotherapy experiences have you had so far? What issues have been raised for you in doing therapy with clients who are culturally different from you? Just make up one working with sexual assaults victims.

5.      What, if any do you think is necessary for intercultural work to be effective? Are thee circumstances, characteristics, skills life experiences etc., that you think may enhance effective intercultural work for clinicians? That may present barriers to effective intercultural work?

6.      What are your thoughts/opinions/feelings about therapist-client “matching on race? Ethnicity? Gender? Sexual orientation? Religion or spirituality? When do you think it may be indicated or contraindicated? Why? Do you have a preference for a culturally similar or different therapist yourself? For close friends or family members? Why or why not?

7.      What resistances/fears/concerns do you have about your future intercultural work as a professional clinician? Are there particular groups that you feel unwilling or unable to work with? Why? Are there particular intercultural issues that are difficult for you?

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