Assignment on Literature

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Here is the assignment instruction from the professor.

I need please two different papers for me and for my friend regarding this assignment.

Here is the interview that the assignment based on:

I need you please to answer the three points listed below.

This week we’ll continue thinking about the interview with poet Ada Limón and use it to get us started writing.

Limón says that her new collection, The Carrying, includes some poems that are letters between her and another poet, fellow writer Natalie Diaz, and that their correspondence speaks “to the marrow of our everyday condition.”

1. Right now, write a letter to a friend about your life, what’s going on, what you’re thinking about, etc. Then print it out. Once it’s printed, turn it into a poem by simply using what you’ve given yourself, but instead of sentences isolate the ideas into poetic lines. Where to break the line? That’s your decision. But remember that most poets break it where they want to take a breath or to emphasize a thought before moving into the next line. You might not want to use all the words, phrases and punctuation you used in the prose version of the letter simply to streamline your thoughts.

2. Limón says that poetry gives “us a little way of noticing” the world that shows us there is “also beauty in surviving and living and even thriving.” What about your ”letter poem” describes your noticing the world? It doesn’t have to be great shakes, just some small moment or state of being. Describe that moment or state of being in a few words.

3. Ada Limón says that she often thinks of all the “things that are good, that are worth living for, that make me laugh,” and that these DETAILS allow her to focus on the “microcosm” rather than the unyieldy macrocosm called “life.” Make your own list of what makes you laugh, what is worth living—in other words, your own “microcosm.” These details may become future poems or flash fictions.

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