Assingment: Forecast like a Meteorologist Exploration, science homework help

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Create a Weather Map Follow the instructions provided in the lesson to create a weather map for July 4, 5, 6, 7, 2006. Provide the forecast Now that you have created the weather map for July 4, 2006, your next assignment is to create a weather map and weather forecast for each of the next three days. Include the locations of fronts, highs,lows, and precipitation. Provide the Forecast Use these forecasting tips to create the weather maps: — If there is a lot of water vapor in the air and cold front is approaching, precipitation is most likely on its way, too. — A change in the air pressure means there will most likely be a change in weather. Falling air pressure generally means rain. Rising a pressure generally means clearing skies. — Air masses and fronts generally move west to east. Use these tips to create a written forecast: — Write as if you are a weather forecaster explaining the forecast to a viewing audience. — Explain the weather maps. — Describe changes in pressure, temperature, and precipitation. Apprentice Self Evaluation Evaluate your own work by answering these questions. 1. What was most challenging about forecasting the weather? 2. How did this project prepare you to be a real meteorologist? 3. What do you need more practice doing before you are promoted to entry level meteorologist?sci

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