AST 131 Dutchess Community College Saturn Titan Mission Q&A Discussion

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Assignment 1

Saturn Titan Mission Questions:

Search the web and find sites that can help you answer the following questions (ex. NASA sites)

1. Summaries the current Cassini-Huygens Mission and describe three of it’s goals.

2. Who were Cassini and Huygens? Write a paragraph on each of them describing the scientific works they are most associated with.

3. Describe the Huygens probe as well as it’s landing on Titan.

4. Discuss three things that we have learned about Titan’s surface and atmosphere.

5. Select a moon of Saturn and describe, in detail, it’s known composition.

6. Research and describe the following about Saturn’s rings: composition, dimensions, speed of rotation, moons with in rings.

Assignment 2

I want you to research Jupiter’s moon Europa to learn more about the possibility that life has evolved independently from that on Earth. You can start you search of Europa by going to the link below.

Based on your research I want you to discuss the following questions with your classmates:

  • Do you think their could be life on Europa?
  • If so, is it an intelligent life form?
  • If found what effect would this discovery likely have on humanity’s view of itself?
  • Show we protect it from contamination and exploitation by man?
  • Should we treat it as a threat to humanity’s future survival and destroy it?

Assignment 3

In order to learn more about asteroids astronomers have sent an unmanned missions to the near Earth asteroids such as Eros. I want you to search thses missions write a two page report containing the following information: the reasons for studying asteroids in general, a summary of the information obtained concerning asteriod studied and the technology used to gather this information. In your conclusion list three unanswered questions that you would like to see addressed in the next asteriod mission.

assignment 4

Our class is now in charge of the Near Earth Object (NEO) project which identifies any object with a diameter of 1/2 km. in size or larger that crosses the Earth’s orbit. First, I want you to make a list of things we should and or could do if a NEO was going to impact the Earth within two years. Now select you top three things and discuss them with you classmates. Find out if their is one thing in particular that is the most popular choice of the class in this situation?

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