Attorney General Website Assignment

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Students will review

the Office of the Attorney General’s Senior Advocate Fraud Education

(SAFE) Program Toolkit located at the following address:

  1. After reviewing the toolkit and the overall website portion
    dedicated to seniors, students are required to type a 2-page summary of
    the components of the programs and resources available for seniors.

In addition to the 2-page summary, students are also required to:

  1. Type the text of an email that they would send to an older adult
    family member that may possibly be susceptible to fraud tactics. In the
    email text, write it as if you are addressing the family member and
    giving them advice on how to protect themselves. Make sure that you are
    writing it in a way that will be useful to them and possibly help
    influence them to be more secure in their fraud prevention efforts. This
    email text should be at least half a page long.

Students will be graded using the following criteria:

Summary addresses key points described in the toolbox

Up to 3 points

Quality of writing of summary (sentence structure, grammar, spelling)

Up to 3 points

Accurate recommendations in the email text

Up to 2 points

Realistic and convincing phrasing in the email text

Up to 2 points

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