Author’s Foreword or The Source Paper with an Outline, writing homework help

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2-3 PAGES with an Author’s Foreword or The Source Paper with an Outline MLA

Must include 5 source. Note that souce must be an academic, not a blog or something.

Find something end with edu.

The source paper is Margaret Atwood Happy endings (You also can find that in googel)

Detailed Information and Instructions:

I- Steps and links:

  1. SMC Library homepage:
  2. SMC Online library catalog:
  3. Library Databases (Literature):

Note: I suggest Jstor for up-to-date electronic sources in journals germane to literature.

Note: You need to login for access to databases from off-campus with your valid SMC student network account.(If you need it , ask me)

II- Purpose: The Source Paper is a paper where you accumulate all citations from your research in order to then work in integrating them as direct or block quotes, and paraphrases into your working draft of your required Literary Analysis. This method should aid you in developing a research record in an efficient and systematic manner (and provide you with Notes for an in-class Exercise on Safe Sourcing scheduled for Thursday, May 18)

This is my signature Prompt to explain what a source paper is: It is a draft composed of only quotes, summaries, and paraphrases that come from your research and reading of articles and books. There are two purposes for such a paper. First, to demonstrate that research is a form of invention as important as brainstorming. Brainstorming is looking within your own mind. Research is looking beyond to the minds of experts. And secondly, to instill in students good research habits that will help them succeed in academia.


  1. Your research should aim to help you include quotes, summaries, and paraphrases from external, textual sources.
  2. Know that a literary analysis should include a minimum of 5 secondary sources in addition to citations from your primary text.
  3. The quotes, summaries, and paraphrases that make up your paper would be better served if you draw from different sources, such as books and periodicals (journals, newspapers, or magazines). It is okay to include digital media as long as you confirmed that the source is reliable and up-to-date, Try to avoid sites with “dot com.” On the other hand, dot edu, dot org and dot gov are reliable sites and information is regularly updated and scholarly-reviewed before published.


  1. With your topic in mind, go to the library or access SMC library databases, and search for articles using the print indexes and online databases.
  2. When you find books and journal articles of your interest, locate the call number (their place on the Library stacks), or email the articles to yourself.
  3. Once you have the articles relevant to your author, works or themes/critical approaches, you should select the paragraphs with the citations that would help you support your working thesis, claims and reasons. Don’t forget to also paste the information of the article from where you are drawing the citation. Include the title, author and publication information next to it. It is vital that you record bibliographic information from each source, to avoid plagiarism and confusing sources.
  4. Typically, the information you need to write down is in three parts:
  5. Who is the author of the piece you’ve selected.
  6. What is the title of the article? In addition, what is the title of the text, book, periodical or web site where the article was found.

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