Bank of America

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Format: Paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12-point type, double spacing format. paper is 8 pages long excluding appendix, references, and other graphical supporting materials.

What: Students chooses a publicly traded commercial Bank firm listed on NYSE, pretending to be a financial analyst. Students provide a detail financial analysis for a potential customer and make a recommendation of “Buy” or “Sell” to the customer about the firm. The students may consult with instructor before they finalize their company for the project. They should set their own boundaries of its discussion in paper. But, here are some points that should be included:

 Table of contents

 Brief history and development of the company: when it started, how it has grown

 Description on current status: size, recent performance, financial statement analysis, ratio analysis, organization structure, core business, services offered. Students are encouraged to use graphs, charts, tables to illustrate the financial status of the company.

 Equity valuation: overpriced, underpriced, or fairly priced

 Regulations and the effect of the regulations on the institutions

 Market analysis: general trend, competitors, external influences, global issues

 Diagnosis of current problems, challenges and future prospects

 Conclusion

 References

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