Based on two short articles, write a 5 pages paper about the effects of digital media

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Based on your knowledge gained from
the above readings, and a minimum of two additional outside sources
write a 5-page paper on the
following topic, which consists of two parts:

Part 1: Argue
for or against the effects of
in one aspect of our lives. Do you think
that they are mostly positive or mostly
negative? Or a specific combination of both? How and why so?

Part 2: Based on your answer to the above question, write a short proposal in the last third of your paper (2-3 body paragraphs minimum), choosing one of the three options below. Make sure to explain why it is important to take the particular course of action you propose.

Should we:

  • promote the continuation of our interaction with technology as it is?
  • change it completely?
  • implement some changes while maintaining certain positive aspects?

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