Before the Music Dies, watch video assignment help

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1) Watch – Before the Music Dies

  1. What does Andrew’s brother say he feels has happened in the music world?
  2. Whose music is said to be the foundation of “American” music”
  3. What form currently “rules the world?”
  4. What killed the radio star?
  5. What technology/software “fixes” poor singing?
  6. What Act was passed in 1996 and what impact did it have?
  7. How many “major” record labels are there?
  8. What does “A&R” mean and what do they do?
  9. How was the beginning of “Napster” described in terms of its impact?
  10. What critic of the music industry’s response to the internet, downloading and “piracy” is that the company’s do what?
  11. What has Branford Marsalis learned about students (and teachers)?
  12. Who wrote that last song, “Fool For You”?
  13. Did you hear any music in this documentary that you never had heard before and that you also liked?

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