Benchmark powerpoint presentation

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Instructions attached. 

Week 8 Benchmark PowerPoint- Assessment Traits

You have had the opportunity to understand the important role human resources has as a strategic business partner and to reflect on the role of HR within your respective organizations.  For this presentation, you will be capturing the key findings you’ve learned, including making recommendations to your company leadership team. 

Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation and your presentation should include the following:

· Develop a synopsis of your outcomes for acquiring, developing, training, and leveraging on human capital within your organization. Examine the pros and cons to the current systems or processes being used.

· Based on the immediate hiring and training needs within the company, how can the company focus on the employees’ current strengths (knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences) to leverage diversity to improve performance outcomes? 

· Propose plans for developing and integrating the positions of HR specialist or generalist, HR leadership, HR consultant, or HR of One within the organization.

· What recommendations would you make to the leadership of your company relative to making sound decisions when acquiring, developing, and leveraging resources (i.e., human talent, technology, knowledge management) to meet organizational needs while staying legally compliant with employment practices? 

· Based on the knowledge gained in this course, how will you apply what has been learned into your organization? As a human resource professional, describe the elements of your personal development plan within the field of HR.

APA format not required but solid academic writing is expected.


Synopsis of Outcomes assessment

Synopsis of Outcomes

7.5 points

expand Employee’s Current Strengths (B) assessment

Employee’s Current Strengths (B)

15 points

expand Proposed Plans assessment

Proposed Plans

7.5 points

expand Recommendations to the Leadership (B) assessment

Recommendations to the Leadership (B)

15 points

expand Application of Knowledge Gained assessment

Application of Knowledge Gained

7.5 points

expand Professionalism assessment


7.5 points

expand Presentation of Content assessment

Presentation of Content

45 points

expand Layout assessment


15 points

expand Language Use and Audience Awareness assessment

Language Use and Audience Awareness

15 points

expand Mechanics of Writing assessment

Mechanics of Writing 

7.5 points

expand Documentation of Sources assessment

Documentation of Sources

Benchmark- Organization and Personal HR Development Plan
Charnae Spady- Ward
Professor Goodman

Grand Canyon Eniversity
LDR 635- Acquiring, Developing, and Leveraging Human Capital



 Employees talents and skill
can be recognized

 There is deep analyzing of
the workforce

 Effective training is

 It promotes employee
engagement and
involvement of the

 Learning is promoted by
addressing the weaknesses


 Every plan should include skills
that are needed to improve and
also task that are intended to
be completed

 It serves as agreement between
the employer and the employee

 Organizations are able to link
their investments in supporting
their potential leaders

 Individuals are able to create
their own leadership
development plans.


 Quality work

 It build relationship

 Motivation

 production rate goes high
increasing the rate profits


 It maintain a safe distance

 There is higher competition

 Greater experience expected

 It is a position of restrictions

 Have a lower recognition value

How company can focus on
employee current strengths

 Do not assume that the employees
knows their strengths

 The HR should look for ways to
apply in a team setting to achieve
a common goal

 Team meetings helps the members
to deepen their understanding

 The organization should help
their employees to align their
talents to meet the needs of
their roles

 Conducting a talent
assessment in each employee

Plans for developing and integrating the
positions of HR specialist

 Identifying future HR needs

 Consider the present HR

 Identifying the gaps between
future needs and present

 Formulation of gap strategies

 Sharing and monitoring the plans


 Following procedures and
adhering to policies

 Submitting to the authority of

 An organization should always
consider taking risks

 The company should tell the truth
but with compassion

 Show love to people

 An organization should learn to

Personal development plan within
HR field

 Determining the human resource

 Evaluating recruitment strategy

 Selecting the employees

 Developing training

 Determining employees
compensation plan

 Appraisal performance


 Investing on training the employees
can increase productivity

 Showing love to the employees
motivates since they feel valued

 Quality work is realized when
employees are given support by the
organization such as nurturing their
talents and abilities

 Focusing on employees strengths
and talents enables a company to
achieve more

 Also identifying HR needs promotes
strengthens the role of human
resource in a company

 Maier, A., Brad, S., Nicoară, D., & Maier, D. (2014). Innovation by developing

human resources, ensuring the competitiveness and success of the
organization. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 109, 645-648.

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 El-Ghalayini, Y. (2017). Human resource management practices and
organizational performance in public sector organization. Journal of Business
Studies Quarterly, 8(3), 65.

 Griffith, J. A., Baur, J. E., & Buckley, M. R. (2019). Creating comprehensive
leadership pipelines: Applying the real options approach to organizational
leadership development. Human Resource Management Review, 29(3), 305-


 Akkaya, B., & Tabak, A. (2020). The link between organizational agility and
leadership: A research in science parks. Academy of Strategic Management
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 Bagdadli, S., & Gianecchini, M. (2019). Organizational career management
practices and objective career success: A systematic review and
framework. Human Resource Management Review, 29(3), 353-370.

 Poór, J., Juhász, T., Machová, R., Bencsik, A., & Bilan, S. (2018). Knowledge
management in human resource management: Foreign-owned subsidiaries’
practices in four CEE countries. Journal of International Studies, 11(3).

 Yong, J. Y., Yusliza, M. Y., Ramayah, T., Chiappetta Jabbour, C. J., Sehnem, S., &
Mani, V. (2020). Pathways towards sustainability in manufacturing
organizations: Empirical evidence on the role of green human resource
management. Business Strategy and the Environment, 29(1), 212-228.

  • Slide 1
  • Introduction
  • Synopsis
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • How company can focus on employee current strengths
  • Slide 7
  • Recommendation
  • Personal development plan within HR field
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • References

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