Black Study ESSAY 165

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8 Pages Double space MLA format with in-text citation.

The assignment has 2 section, each section should be 4 pages essay.

Keep your answers clear, concise and analytical. Avoided pointless summaries of texts.

Address your responses to the specific demands of each question.

Make sure you use the textbook at least 5 times for each essay. Show that you have read the textbook well. (I’ll mark out the key reading for you , see below)

Illustrate your answers with pertinent references. So find more sources other than textbook to support your ideas, but make sure they are academic.

Please use simple language to write this, do not go too deep.

Make sure you cite everything you use and use your own words.

Text book link…


Section A

With requisite attention to their intricate strands, social and dynamic networks, discuss the importance of a composite scholarly framework for the analysis of African popular culture.

Section B (Choose ONE of them)

1. Analyze African popular music as a convergence of genes, anchored in experimentations, negotiations and transformations that crisscross histories,cultures,creativity and commerce.

2. With respect to ongoing debates around them, discuss, critically, the centrality of identity,lifestyle, cultural formations and worldliness among the Sapeurs and Skothane (Izikothane)

3. Examine, with requisite subtleties, how contemporary African fashion, through fabrics, heritage, styles, aesthetics, and new media, contests generic notions of fashion and “Africanness”.

4. Identify and analyze the cultural, social, institutional, and political debates fundamental to understanding the challenges and subcultures of sexual minorities in African popular culture.

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