Book reading (Jesus a Gospel)

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Must be able to find and use “Jesus a gospel”

Read the chapter called “Seeking the Kingdom” and use the section entitled “What Should We Care About Most” in Jesus a Gospel in order to explain how to understand sin as something that keeps you removed or shackled from setting your heart on the Kingdom. In other words: how is sin like a cage?

Using the rest of this chapter as your guide, explain how Nouwen uses prayer to challenge worrying and enter into Kingdom living instead. (Remember, God’s kingdom is anywhere that God is acknowledged as the true King, who provides, rules, and serves in justice, peace, and love.)

Then, find a psalm of your choice and explain how this prayer challenges worrisome or sinful habits just as Psalm 23 does this for Nouwen.

Demonstrate that you read the chapter through the quality of your response.

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