Brand Strategy of Volvo New Product Primary & Secondary Resource Case

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Grading rules:

  • 10 – Includes deeper human insight from qualitative research
  • 10 – Is backed by primary research
  • 10 – Shows a variety of sources and methodologies
  • 10 – The conclusion you draw ladders back to your research
  • 10 – Culminates in a smart SWOT analysis

I need to create both primary Research and secondary research about a brand: Volvo Cars, one of the safest car in the world.

As the Grading rules, the research probably includes qualitative research towards consumers which using several types of methodologies like Demographic (age, occupation, social status, income…) or (Customers’ opinions and feeling)

I need you to help me to create a survey about the attitude of consumers towards Volvo Cars through types of way like price, interior & exterior design, engine performance, comfortable or not, comparing with other brand like BMW, Mercedes, Audi…

I am doing a presentation about Volvo Cars Brand Strategy. I would like to introduce the new generation products of Volvo, and hybrid (and full-electric) vehicle “Polestar”.

I would like to re-positioning Volvo as the first ladder of Luxury Cars in USA which compete with other brand,

than I will do a SWOT analysis for Volvo. Therefore, I need an objective research(primary & secondary research) or data to support my ideas. It would not be too complicated. it could be several graphics (tree diagram, sector diagram), like XX% of people think XXXXXXXXX(Volvo is XXXX)——connect with the survey question.

(age, occupation, social status, income…) or (Customers’ opinions and feeling)

if I did not present very clear, pls talk with me

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